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Cohort 5 (2023)

Hi! I am Kwopnan, a Systems engineer with a background in computer science and a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Aberdeen. I have had some experience working as a systems engineer for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at the Nigerian Air Force Research and Development Centre (AFRDC). Recently, I worked at an eVTOL startup in London called Arrival as a systems engineer until I joined the PhD program at FUSE CDT. So far, I am enjoying learning the basics that would lead me into the field of ultrasonics engineering.

While only at the beginning of this academic voyage, I am enthusiastic about the discoveries and innovations that have/and will emerge from this intensive study. I am delighted and feel privileged to have enrolled in the program and look forward to exciting times ahead.

My name is Leah Douglas. Originally from Northern Ireland, I started my academic journey in my local college, completing a Ulster University Foundation Degree in Mechatronic Engineering. I have recently completed a BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University. At GCU, I specialised in Robotic and Mechatronic Engineering, and through the FUSE CDT programme I’m excited to expand my knowledge of Ultrasonic Engineering.

I’ve been inspired by my own personal experiences with medical imaging technology. This has motivated me to contribute to the advancement of ultrasonic technology, improving accessibility and enhancing research in this field. I am eager to explore ultrasonic technology through the unique approach FUSE has to postgraduate research, delving deeper into each area throughout the taught year.

The opportunity to work within such an important area of research with such a diverse team across both University of Glasgow and Strathclyde is something I’m proud to be a part of, and I’m excited to see where my PhD journey will take me.

I am an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering with a passion for exploring the depths of technology. My academic journey took me to the prestigious National Institute of Technology Trichy, where I pursued my Master’s degree in NOT (Non-Destructive Testing). During my time at NIT Trichy, I delved into the fascinating world of ultrasonics and signal processing, expanding my knowledge base.

I also gained industrial research experience in the field by working as an Ultrasonic Engineer at Xyma Analytics. This role not only provided me with handson experience but also allowed me to delve into Finite Element Method (FEM), further enhancing my understanding of ultrasonics and signal processing.

Currently, I am enrolled in the FUSE CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training) program, where I am dedicated to honing my skills in ultrasound technology. My aim is to apply my expertise either in the industrial or medical sectors, contributing to the advancement of ultrasound technology and its applications. This exciting journey continues to fuel my passion for technology and innovation.”

My name is Jason McKenna. I hold a BA (Hons) in Textile Design from Heriot Watt University and a MSc in Product Design from The University of Dundee.

My interdisciplinary background, rooted in design, offers a unique perspective that I believe could bring fresh insights to engineering challenges. This blend of creative thinking and technical skills allows me to approach problems with an innovative mindset and explore unconventional solutions.

In previous research projects I explored wearable technology with a primary focus on assisting blind athletes and the ageing population. These projects utilised sensor technologies including that of ultrasound to create innovative solutions tailored to their respective challenges.

I am excited to join the FUSE CDT program to expand my academic journey and contribute to advancements in ultrasound technology.

My name is Xanthe Miller. I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2022 with a Master of Physics degree, and in my final year became interested in ultrasonics whilst completing my MPhys project on characterising ultrasonic microbubble contrast agents for clinical and preclinical applications.

Joining FUSE provides an amazing opportunity to explore the field of ultrasonics technology in a wider context. My aim is to be able to utilise the teaching and tools provided by the FUSE CDT programme to contribute to the development and advancement of medical ultrasonics technology.

Hello! I’m Muhammed-Rashid, a new PhD student with Future Ultrasonic Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training (FUSE CDT). I completed my MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Dundee University with my project focusing on the development of brain and skull phantoms for Focused Ultrasound therapy and clinical training. The project exposed me to a different type of ultrasound, which could be used to ablate cells within the brain non-invasively or used to disrupt the blood brain barrier to facilitate drug delivery. With the project combining the use of 3D printing, ultrasound and phantom fabrication, it sparked an interest in ultrasound which led me to FUSE. However, as I have now learnt, ultrasound has a far wider range of applications than I had initially thought. From uses in medicine, robotics, non-destructive testing, material inspection…even being used for reducing the size of ice crystals in ice cream!

Given the variety of ultrasound applications, I am currently in the process of determining my research topic throughout my journey at FUSE. While I am drawn to the potential of ultrasound in therapeutic contexts, I would also be interested to delve into the use of ultrasound in additive manufacturing.

Hello, my name’s Joe Purvis. I graduated in 1984 with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Paisley Tech. I worked as an electronic design engineer for Burr-Brown & Compaq Computers before moving to Dallas in Texas, working for Texas Instruments as Applications Engineering manager in the high-precision Data Converter group while also completing an MSc in Electronics in 2001.

Since 2010 I’ve managed my own independent consulting company, designing electronics for a variety of clients throughout the UK and Ireland and hold two patents.

My research is focussed on Smart Stents, embedded electronics to detect in-stent restenosis and occlusion in coronary arteries.

After obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 2015, I embarked on a Master of Science program in Digital Electronic Systems at the University of Guilan. My academic pursuits during this period were primarily focused on developing a Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) system that leveraged Deep Learning techniques to accurately characterize undersurface defects. Throughout the course of my studies, I was exposed to a wide range of industrial NDE methods, including Eddy Current and Ultrasound techniques, and gained a comprehensive understanding of machine learning approaches.

Upon completing my studies in 2019, I gained practical experience in the field of Automation Engineering through my work as an electrical and automation engineer. As a result, I have developed a solid knowledge base in Automation, as well as a keen interest in the field.

Participation in the FUSE CDT program presents a unique opportunity for me to explore multiple areas of ultrasound research, particularly in the domain of NDE Ultrasonic Testing (UT) techniques, under the guidance of the world’s largest academic unit for ultrasound engineering. Moreover, the program offers access to cutting-edge laboratory equipment and a vast network of industry connections. The field of ultrasonics is incredibly intriguing, with various applications, and FUSE CDT serves as an exceptional platform to develop expertise in this area.

Hi! I’m Sam and my background is as an integrated master’s student in physics at Hull. However, I have spent the last two years working for a laser company as an Applications Engineer. A job I thoroughly enjoyed but didn’t allow me to fully make use of my degree. Joining FUSE CDT is allowing me to use the skills I learnt back then to their fullest.

Being able to spend the first year expanding my knowledge of ultrasonics is a privilege few programs allow, and I am all the more thankful for. And I am looking forward to seeing the breadth of possibilities that ultrasonics provides before I dive deeply into one project for the next three years.

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to the time ahead of us!

I attended the University of Glasgow for both my BSc and MSc, in Molecular and Cellular Biology (with biotechnology) and Biomedical Sciences respectively. My research projects have utilised both data analysis and traditional biology wet lab techniques, giving me experience in both aspects of scientific research. Various modules in my BSc and MSc courses explored the use of technology and accompanying techniques in biology research, piquing my interest in the more technical side STEM subjects. Subsequently, I applied to the FUSE programme in order to widen my area of expertise and challenge myself by studying something new. I am excited to be able to combine my previous knowledge from my Life Sciences background and apply it in an engineering capacity to push the boundaries of clinical research.