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Cohort 3 (2021)

Saja Al Ani (she/her)

I’m Saja Al Ani, a first year PhD student in ultrasonic engineering at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Ultrasonic Engineering (FUSE CDT). I have completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, followed by an MSc. degree in E-learning Technology from the University of Hertfordshire. I have wide-ranging experience through my previous roles as an IT administrator, customer advisor, as well as computer and gaming analyst.

Joining the FUSE CDT program is a highly valuable opportunity that will greatly help me to develop and expand strong knowledge and experience in ultrasonic engineering. In addition, this comprehensive programme will enable me to learn about the latest technological developments in the field of ultrasonics and their impact on various applications. I’m particularly interested in the medical applications of ultrasound, and how artificial intelligence has enhanced the development of this field. The impact of these technologies can be tremendous, as they can enhance productivity of the healthcare practitioners to diagnose and treat diseases, improve the efficiency of healthcare system, and provide better quality care to more patients.

External Engagement Student Representative

Shahzaib Azam (he/him)

I have done a MSc Renewable Energy Engineering from University of Exeter and a BSc (Hons.) in Physics. Soon after my Master’s, I started working on an Innovate UK project as a Research Assistant where I designed and developed high-performance lightweight structural components. Alongside that, I had the opportunity to work at National Composite Centre (NCC) on aerospace and wind structure to study its structural properties and flaw detection techniques. In 2019, I joined ERDF project as R&D Engineer based at University of Wolverhampton and Tata Technologies where I assisted local SME companies to develop new products that incorporate advanced materials. I engaged in projects concerning medical applications, bio-materials used as implants and drones. In addition to working to support SME companies, I also embarked on a research project concerning the fatigue performance, fracture mechanics and failure mechanism of composite materials.

I have been fascinated by industrial impact of ultrasonics and how it can be used for diagnosis and detection within the structures. Joining FUSE CDT program is highly valuable opportunity and vital for me to develop advanced technological expertise of Ultrasonic Engineering and it’s influence in medical imaging and diagnosis. Considering my inter-disciplinary knowledge and expertise, I’m particularly interested in healthcare applications for diagnosis and to detect and treat diseases at early stages.

Priyanka Dhiwa (she/her)

I’m Priyanka Dhiwa, a graduate from Amity University India with a Bachelor and Master of Technology degree (Distinction) in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Following a year internship at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), India, my Master’s project involves “Electrocaloric effect of ferroelectric polycrystalline ceramics for solid-state Refrigerator”.

I’m currently in my first year of the FUSE CDT programme and am looking forward to expanding my previous knowledge and experience in ultrasonic engineering and learning about the latest technological developments in the field of ultrasonics. This helps me to develop strong working relationships with my fellow researchers, academics, and industrial partners.

With a lot to learn ahead of me I am looking at all FUSE projects with an open mind but particularly interested in medical field applications of ultrasound.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Student Representative

Dominik Duklas

I graduated with a MD diploma from Medical University of Lublin, English Division, in 2016 and subsequently worked as a doctor, initially in Poland as an intern and then as a Foundation Trainee in Glasgow for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. After a further year as a Clinical Fellow in Orthopaedics, I studied Biomedical Engineering at Strathclyde University, with my thesis being ultrasound-based. Currently I’m working less than full time as a GP trainee and devoting the rest of my time to FUSE.

I became interested in FUSE as I wanted to combine both my medical and engineering backgrounds and always had special interest in ultrasonics from the first time I held an ultrasound transducer as a medical student.

My special interest areas are medical ultrasound including detection of pathologies, elastography and HIFU.

Elmergue Germano (he/him)

I achieved distinction in MSc Mechanical Engineering (Design) from Glasgow Caledonian University. I have a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with thorough hands-on experience in design, manufacturing and testing within the space sector. By undertaking a successful 9-month work placement at Airbus Defence and Space in Germany, along with an Honours Project in partnership with the company, I developed both my technical and professional skills.

My aspirations lied in progressing my engineering career through pursuit of specialist training and research at PhD level in the field of Ultrasonic Engineering and achieve Chartership status with the IMechE. FUSE CDT is the first academic ultrasonic engineering programme worldwide which would provide me with an exciting opportunity to become a subject-matter expert in this field. Additionally, the programme linked their training to the Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS), which will ensure opportunities, monitoring and feedback are available to allow me to apply for CEng. This is a gold standard of excellence across industry and academia and highly valued by partners and clients.

Ultrasonics plays a fundamental part in a wide range of sectors including industrial and medical. I am highly interested in the non-destructive evaluation application due to its capabilities to detect defects including wrinkles and delamination in fibre reinforced polymer composite turbine blades using climbing robots.

Researcher Development & IFOB Student Representative

Adam Getty (he/him)

I am an Electronic and Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Strathclyde, holding a BEng (Hons). I became interested in the applications of Ultrasonics during my final year project. My project focused on signal processing techniques to extract transfer functions between source and sensors in the underwater environment, work that could begin to involve SONAR technologies. This led to my discovery of FUSE and the great work the CDT is involved in.

With my time at FUSE underway I am developing interests in the applications of signal processing to aid in the analysis of ultrasonic systems. This covers a broad range of applications, so my mind is open to all avenues that resonate and spark some thought.

I could take all day describing where my interests are growing. The diversity among projects is vast and with each day new questions arise. On that note, FUSE is an incredibly exciting place to be and my current interests in signal processing, transducer technologies and cavitation are aplenty and growing!

Researcher Development Student Representative

Yijia Hao (she/her)

My name is Yijia Hao. I graduated from the Glasgow UESTC in 2021 with B.Eng. (Hons) in Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Information Engineering. My research interests include deep learning, attention mechanism and application of machine learning in the field of ultrasound. I am eager to learn more about ultrasonics technology and its applications with FUSE CDT. With knowledge and skills in ultrasound, I hope to provide intelligent and valuable solutions to industrial applications.

Curriculum & Cohort Recruitment Student Representative

Aasim Mohamed (he/him)

My name is Aasim Mohamed, I hold a BSc (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering from the Future University in the Republic of Sudan. I have two years’ industrial experience as a maintenance engineer within the steel fabrication industry in the Middle East region working with automated equipment, sensors, and instrumentation devices. After that, I pursued an MSc in Mechatronics Engineering at De Montfort University in Leicester.

It is a valuable opportunity for me to be part of FUSE CDT, the largest academic ultrasonic engineering unit in the world, to contribute to help tackling the existing challenges, and adopting ultrasound applications and methods in new areas within industry, ultrasound medical diagnostic and treatment applications. I hope to grow under the supervision of the world-leading academics in the field with the support of our industrial partners, as well as my fellow researchers

The manufacturing process, robotics, and ultrasound medical devices are facing a new era with the expanding field of ultrasound technology that takes measurement devices to a new level. The automation of non-destructive testing imaging methods and power ultrasonic applications will play a significant role in the industry regarding time, cost, operational safety and in-process monitoring.

External Engagement Student Representative

Agnes Ola (she/her)

I’m Agnes. My background is in software development and IT, specifically in marine IT systems. After putting my seafaring days behind me, I graduated from University of Glasgow with a BEng in Electronic and Software Engineering in 2021.

I am now a PhD student with FUSE CDT. I am looking forward to learning more about ultrasound technology and combining it with my experience with computer systems.

My PhD project is in AI and computer vision related to pre-symptomatic ultrasound cancer therapy. I will be working on creating AI tools for thermal mapping of the effects of high intensity focused ultrasound under the supervision of Dr Kevin Worrall.

Project external partner: Acoustiic

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Student Representative

Andrea Orthodoxou (she/her)

Hello, I am Andrea Orthodoxou and I am in the first year of the FUSE CDT program as a postgraduate researcher. I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2021 with an MEng in Biomedical Engineering. During my time as an undergraduate I have had the chance to expand my knowledge and interest in ultrasonics. It is fascinating how the oldest imaging modality can be used for so many different applications in so many different fields.

Joining FUSE CDT for my postgraduate research makes me confident that I will be prepared to undertake a project by giving me the opportunity to get extensive knowledge of ultrasonics and hence choose the right project for me. I am really looking forward to starting my own research and contribution to science by finding innovative solutions to existing problems.

IFOB Student Representative

Luke Prentice (they/them)

I graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2021 with a BEng in EEE after having focused predominantly on embedded systems, radar system design and signal processing. I took interest in FUSE as I thought my foundational knowledge that I gained from designing radar would serve me well in ultrasonics and after looking through the work being done by the other members I could not wait to be a part of it.

I have not yet decided on a research project but I am taking an early interest in the use of neural-networks to improve imaging techniques, sonar systems and sonomyography.

IFOB Student Representative

Zhijun (Codia) Qian

I studied mechanical engineering during my Bachelor’s. During those 4 years, I learned various mechanical, basic knowledge like solid mechanics, fluid dynamics, and so on. After my graduation, I went to work, first, as project manager, controlling factory’s product quality and process control. Later I worked as a mechanical engineer designing mechanical parts. Then, I started my Master’s study, focusing on non-destructive testing especially in ultrasound technology.

FUSE is a group of passionate people who are aimed at developing new technology to make the application of ultrasound really comes to people’s daily life and thus change the world. That is inspiring and really attractive, I am quite fond of the creative environment of FUSE and the guidance from my professors as well, who are really helpful.

My areas of research interest include non-destructive testing, medical use, and new UT instrument design.

External Engagement Student Representative

Rachel Stoakes (she/her)

I am a MEng Biomedical Engineering graduate from the University of Glasgow with a keen interest in the use of ultrasonic techniques within a medical field, particularly within surgical procedures and investigating how tissues respond to ultrasound. During my Masters project I also gained experience in biomaterial formulation and mechanical testing. I am therefore eager to study the materials involved in ultrasonic surgery and how these can be optimised. I am hoping to find a project that combines these interests with the aim of combating challenges such as the improvement of post-operative outcomes for patients and providing ease of use for surgeons through potential ‘smart’ materials.

As a first-generation student, I am looking forward to the opportunities that FUSE has to offer, especially the outreach projects that encourage more young people to study STEM subjects. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with and learn from a variety of people involved in FUSE so that I can successfully develop as a researcher in the field of Ultrasonic Engineering.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Student Representative

Vedran Tunukovic (he/him)

My name is Vedran and I am a PhD student at the FUSE CDT program. In 2019 I completed my master’s degree at the University of Zagreb in Power and Process Engineering. To reflect my passion for music and sound, I also pursued a degree in Audio Engineering and Production. Following my work as an engineer, I took the opportunity to move to Scotland and start my academic journey in a new and challenging topic. I am interested in the FUSE CDT program because it offers great opportunities for education, personal development and networking.

My potential areas of interest for a PhD project are, but are not limited to, medical ultrasound, therapeutic ultrasound, medicine delivery technologies, ultrasound in cancer research and early discovery. When I am not busy with my studies, you will probably find me exploring Scotland, enjoying music or grabbing a nice cup of coffee near the botanical gardens with my family.

External Engagement Student Representative